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Soul Realignment® Certification Course


By becoming a Certified Soul Realignment® Practitioner, you will live life on your terms, with the joy and abundance you deserve! Learning how to read the Akashic Record through this course will give you rewarding benefits such as:

  • Gain valuable insight into who you are at soul level

  • Understand your life circumstances and the choices you made to bring them into your space

  • Be energetically released from negative patterns

  • Discover new actions you can take to embrace your power

  • Realize your true potential to create your abundance

Soul Realignment® Level 2


Expand your Akashic Records "tool box" by learning protocols specific to client situations:

  • Tailor your readings to issues your client is currently experiencing.

  • Give clients valuable information about their relationships with their partners, children, or family members.

  • Reveal the client's chosen life lessons.

  • Learn to give a Spirit Guide reading and even conduct ongoing Spirit Guide coaching for your clients

Soul Realignment® Level 3 


Expand your Soul Realignment® knowledge with the most advanced level available to date!  Learn advanced concepts and techniques to help your clients access their higher dimensional aspects.


Free Masterclass


The Akashic Records: Your Roadmap to Abundance


Register now to begin your road to discovery and live your highest potential in this free online masterclass with internationally recognized energy healer,  teacher and author Patty Oliver.

"Your Akashic Record holds the key to

understanding your life circumstances,

releasing karma and living with joy

and abundance!"


- Patty Oliver

   Energy Healer, Author and Spiritual Advisor

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