Become a Certified Lemurian Healer!

Lemurian Healing is similar to Reiki in that it calls in universal life-force energy for healing, and changes the nature of that energy through the use of symbols.  It is especially powerful in creating positive shifts in the emotional field, bringing harmony to body, mind and spirit!  Use the modality on its own or add it to your existing healing protocol.  Or, simply take the course for your own self-healing.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The history of Lemuria and its ties to the ascension of humanity
  • The Pleiadian connection to Lemuria as our "spiritual parents"
  • How Lemurian spirituality set the magnetic grid and the Akashic Record of the planet, and its ties to the Mayan Calendar ending on December 21, 2012
  • The symbols and chants of Lemurian Healing and how to apply them during your healing sessions
  • Receive an energetic attunement to the symbols so they become part of your own energy field
  • Discover Lemurian Seed Crystals and how to work with them
  • Receive insights for a healing business, along with a sample protocol
"Patty is a sincere and gifted soul with many healing abilities.  I highly recommend her work to anyone!"
Judy D.
"I've taken many courses from many people, and I can tell you that Patty is one of the best.  She explains everything so well and is genuinely invested in my success."
Anya W. 
"Your patience, compassion and understand make learning from you a wonderful experience! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world."
Sue H.

Discover our Lemurian Connections:

Changes to Human DNA

Mount Shasta

The Pleiadians

Here's Everything You'll Receive:

  1. Seven online, self-paced course modules detailing Lemuria, it's history, the Lemurian symbols and chants and how to use them
  2. An attunement in the form of a guided meditation, attuning you to the vibration of the symbols
  3. A comprehensive, downloadable 20-page course workbook 
  4. Suggestions for business along with a sample protocol
  5. A printable certificate identifying you as a Certified Lemurian Healer

Your Investment:  $197.00 


Once you pay for the course, you have immediate access to the entire course and materials for as long as I keep the course active.  You'll benefit from any updates and revisions I make or any new material I might add to the course.

Not at all!  You learn at your own pace, which will be different for everyone.  

This is a self-paced, self-driven course with no formal group or support.  However, you can always email us with questions!

Yes!  You can download a certificate at the end of the course, and you can start using the modality as a Certified Lemurian Healer immediately whether it's for your business or for your own knowledge and self-healing.

There are no refunds once you purchase the course.