JUST ADDED:  How to Read the Akashic Records for Others!

This is an exciting new feature to expand your knowledge and expertise!  

This course is for you if you are ready to:
* Learn to read the Akashic Records for yourself and others
* Clear past-life karma blocking your flow of abundance, and do the same for others
* Transform your life in profound ways and those you read for
* Jumpstart your manifesting process by raising your vibration

I can help you do all this and more, by teaching you to access your Akashic Record, the energetic record of your soul.   It holds all your soul-level information to begin healing all aspects of yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. When you do, you raise your vibration and become a magnet for your highest desires.   Do you want this??

This Akashic Records training can help you with the following:

Release Negative Patterns

Understand why these patterns, called karma, were first created in a past life and how you can release them once and for all!

Grow Your Spiritual Gifts

You'll learn to develop your intuition and connect with your Guides to gain life-changing information from the Akashic realm.

Experience Joy and Flow

When you clear karma, it balances your energy body and nervous system, allowing you to feel more joy and flow of abundance.

Be of Service to Others

You will learn a valuable new skill of reading for others, helping them heal and live in alignment, even open a business if you choose!

Here's what you'll come away with:

  • Learn easy and effective methods for accessing the Akashic Records, clearing karma and healing the energy body (no special skills required!)
  • How to correctly phrase questions and interpret answers while in the Records
  • Pendulum dowsing techniques to clarify responses you receive
  • Meet your Akashic Guides and learn to call upon other spiritual assistants such as your personal Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters
  • Learn who you are at soul level, and how your past lives have brought you to where you are today
  • Gain a deep understanding of your life circumstances, challenges and karmic patterns, and new action you can take to resolve them once and for all
  • Techniques to create an empowered mindset and calm the emotional body between healings to help you embody and maintain a higher vibration
  • Learn the chakra system and how to balance your chakras by clearing karma
  • How to identify karma contributing to chronic conditions, ailments and potential for disease via the chakras
  • Learn to read the Akashic Records for others, clearing their karma and conducting healing on their behalf

Live a Soul Powered Life

by Healing through Akashic Records!

I've been exactly where you are!  It all started about 17 years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I spent my entire life giving to others and living their hopes and dreams instead of mine, to the point of exhaustion and overwhelm. It was then that I started on my own healing journey.  Little did I know it would actually lead to a career in energy healing!

I've now been a healer for 15 years, helping people all over the world to heal their negative karmic patterns keeping them stuck in states of lack.  And then I thought, "everyone needs this!"  So I created this course so you can easily learn tips, tricks and techniques of healing in your Akashic Record. When you learn to manage your energy, everything else in life just falls into place!

 "Patty gives me the tools I need to understand my choices and new action I can take to get me to the next level. If you're feeling stuck, you need this course!" 

Melissa M.
Editor and Yoga Instructor

 "As a fellow energy healer, I highly recommend her work for anyone looking for answers to "why is this happening?" and "how can I shift for the better?" 

Kelly K.
Intuitive Healer

 "After working with Patty, I am a totally different person.  I feel more empowered and more myself than ever before!

Cirke C.
Singer/Songwriter, Vocal Coach

Course Curriculum:

Each module includes a comprehensive printable workbook with exercises and journal prompts,
plus guided meditations and more to fast-track your healing!

Module 1:  Energy, Chakras and Karma

  • Understand the 7 chakras of the physical body and how to keep them aligned and balanced
  • How to shift from ego to soul perspective
  • Introduction to basic Universal Laws of energy and manifestation
  • Discover what Karma truly is, what it teaches you, and why it's important to embrace it in order to heal, transform and manifest.

Module 2:  Akashic Records

  • Learn how to access your Akashic Record for insight and guidance using my Akashic Journey meditation 
  • Receive an energetic attunement to balance your energy field and meet your Akashic Guide.
  • Learn how to phrase questions and interpret answers to understand the root causes of your karma and how it still affects you today
  • Receive pendulum dowsing techniques to clarify information while in the Records if you choose
  • Understand your life challenges and relationships from the soul's perspective and how to change your trajectory
  • How to ask for healing while in the Records, and actions you can take to support your healing to create lasting, positive change in your life

Module 3:  Mastering the Mental Body

  • Take control of chronic negative thoughts through reframing
  • Recognize the 5 faces of self-sabotage that negative self-talk creates and how to stop it once and for all
  • Ways to create an empowered mindset
  • Listen to a guided meditation infused with Reiki symbols and DNA activations to heal and balance negative thought patterns

Module 4:  Mastering the Emotional Body

  • Heal emotional triggers by moving from reaction to response
  • Shadow work and reframing negative experiences 
  • Learn easy techniques to heal anxiety and triggers such as EFT
  • Using your dreams to enhance your healing
  • How to develop gratitude and self-worth
  • Listen to a guided meditation infused with Reiki symbols and DNA activations to release emotional trauma 

Module 5:  Mastering the Spiritual Body

  • Learn to connect with Spirit Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters
  • Ways to receive intuitive insight
  • How to identify and release yourself from Ancestral Karma, Karmic Contracts and Karmic Vows
  • How to repair soul fragmentation
  • Release yourself from psychic vampires, energy cords and astral parasites that are taking your energy and possibly making you sick
  • Listen to a guided meditation infused with Reiki symbols and DNA activations to release karma and heal the spirit

Module 6:  Mastering the Physical Body

  • Understand how your physical body reflects the wellness of the other three bodies
  • Discover how spiritual blocks create ailments, chronic conditions and disease within the physical body
  • Learn to identify and release yourself from psychic vampires, energy cords and astral parasites 
  • How to create strong boundaries with others in order to manage your energy
  • Listen to a guided meditation infused with Reiki symbols and DNA activations to release physical body attachments and build strong boundaries


Module 7:  Read the Akashic Records for Others

  • Learn how to adjust the Akashic Journey Meditation and how to reframe questions when reading the Akashic Records of another person
  • Receive a second energetic attunement giving you access to another level of the Akashic Records when reading for others
  • Hear advice on best practices for reading the Akashic Records for others from a seasoned expert 
  • Learn how to ask for healing and karma clearing for others
  • Receive insight on how to counsel clients to make new choices and take new action to maintain their karma clearing
"The course is laid out very well and it's easy to follow. It was a really cool to do my first Akashic Journey and meet my Guides!  Her meditations are wonderful."
Katy M.
"I am so thankful that Patty has created this course! I have been lost in my life for awhile now, and I believe that this course will help to get me back on track."
Autumn P. 
"I was in a dark night of soul and could not see my way out.  Since doing this work, I feel I am back on my path to happiness, gratitude and prosperity!"
Wendy B.

It's time to start living your soul-powered life
by learning to access the Akashic Records!

You'll enjoy:  7  video-based modules, over 6 hours of spiritual teaching, guided meditations, energetic attunements,
comprehensive workbooks with exercises and spiritual practices, 4 bonus journals and an online community

Here are some amazing bonuses:

4 Bonus Printable Journals!

In addition to the comprehensive workbooks for each module, you will also receive journals to help with goal setting, discovering messages in your dreams, developing gratitude and creating boundaries with others.

Value:  $250.00

FREE Online Community!

Connect and interact with your fellow spiritual friends as you learn, heal and grow!  I'll be there to answer your questions, and give you guidance and inspiration for your Akashic Records journey. 

Value:  $3,000+

Massive Value for One Low Investment - 
but hurry, the price increases May 1st:

Pay in Full


increases to $697.00 on May 1st so 
BUY NOW  to save!

  • Single-Payment discount!
  • Free access to the Soul-Powered Community
  • Immediate access to the Goal Setting Bonus Journal
  • Immediate access to Module 1 with a 3-day refund period**

5 monthly payments:


increases to $120/mo for 6 months on May 1st so BUY NOW to save!

  • 5 monthly payments, total $485.00
  • Free access to the Soul-Powered Community
  • Immediate access to the Goal Setting Bonus Journal
  • Immediate access to Module 1 with a 3-day refund period**

**  You will have immediate access to Module 1 with a 3-day refund period.  You will gain access to the remainder of the course and all other bonuses after the first 3 days.  No refund will be given after 3 days for any reason.
If you request a refund, you will lose access to the "Live a Soul-Powered Life" online course, the Soul-Powered community and all  bonus journals except the Goal Setting Journal.

Here's Everything You Get!

  1. Over 6 hours of video spiritual teaching and guided meditations:   Value:  $1,800.00+
  2. Knowledge and advice on reading for others and starting a business if you choose:  Value:  $1,000.00
  3. Comprehensive workbook for each module totaling 180+ pages:  Value:  $1,000.00+
  4. Attunements filled with activations and healing to connect you to the Akashic realm:  Value:  $500
  5. Four Bonus printable journals:  Value $200.00+
  6. Free Community access with me as your guide:  Value: $3,000.00+
  7. Certificate of Completion:  priceless!

Total Value:  $7,500.00!

Original price: $397.00 pay in full, or $97 per month on a 5-month payment plan

*Price will increase to $697.00 pay in full or $120 per month on a 6-month payment plan on May 1, 2024


Once you pay in full for the course, you have access to the online course and materials for as long as I keep the course active.  You'll benefit from any updates and revisions I make or any new material I might add to the course.

Not at all!  You learn at your own pace, which will be different for everyone.  You might want to repeat a module a few times depending on what it is you are trying to heal,  or you can come back to exercises and techniques in the future anytime you need. You also have free access to the online community for as long as you like or until I change the parameters of the community.

No, the Soul-Powered Community is strictly to support the students of "Live a Soul-Powered Life." 

You will receive a certificate of completion.  Yes, you will learn how to read the Akashic Records for others.

In order to manifest the life you want, you must first heal negative patterns, which is the intention of this course.  This will then lay the foundation for more empowered manifesting!

No.  The course is completely self-driven.  It will be up to you and how well you apply the methods and techniques in the course as to the results you will be able to achieve for yourself.  Please see the Terms of Service.

Yes, there is a 3-day refund period, whether you pay in full or on the payment plan.  You will have immediate access to Module 1 and the Goal Setting Bonus Journal, and will have 3 days from the date of purchase to decide if you would like to continue.  After 3 days you will receive full access to the entire course and community, as well as the remaining bonuses, and no refund will be given for any reason after this time.  If you request a refund, you will lose access to the "Live a Soul-Powered Life" online course, the Soul-Powered Community and all bonuses except the Goal Setting Bonus Journal.