"Live a Soul-Powered Life!"
A unique self-healing course just for you!
Anyone can learn to master their energy and heal body, mind & spirit by tapping into their Akashic Record 

Are you ready to:
 Feel more confident and empowered?
Get unstuck and stop the cycle of self-sabotage?

Jumpstart your manifesting?

I can help you do all this and more in my new self-healing course and community, where I will teach you several ways to access your own spiritual wisdom - including accessing your own Akashic Record - to begin healing all aspects of yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically!  When you implement my proven energy healing strategies, you will begin to  feel consistently happier, grounded and more empowered no matter what is happening around you!  Do you want this??

Do you struggle with any of these?


Self-Doubt & Self-Criticism

Your inner critic is all you hear, telling you that you're just not smart enough, good enough, ready enough to do the things you really want in life.


Trusting Your Intuition

You often feel blocked from receiving true insight from your higher self,  and long to receive real messages from your spirit guides.


Stuck & Overwhelm

You're stuck in indecision and you're overwhelmed with choices, uncertain of what you want and fearful of taking that first step, so you stay stuck.


Inconsistent Manifesting

You constantly try to create a new result, but you're not really sure how to go about it. Anything you try doesn't turn out the way you want.

Then you really need this!

How would it feel if you could...

  • Connect to your intuition without questioning it
  • Stop wallowing in negative thoughts that keep you paralyzed
  • Heal emotional triggers without falling back into old traumas
  • Gain spiritual insight on your life challenges without consulting a guru
  • Clear old patterns keeping you stuck and take new action with confidence
  • Understand energy and how to make the law of attraction work for you
  • Learn to access your Akashic Record and connect to your guides for your own personal insight and healing from a 13-year veteran energy healer! Yes anyone can do this type of healing for themselves, and I want to share it with you so you can start living your best life and manifest abundance NOW!


Live a Soul-Powered Life!
Self-Healing Course & Community

I've been exactly where you are!  It all started about 15 years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I spent my entire life giving to others and living their hopes and dreams instead of mine, to the point of exhaustion and overwhelm. It was then that I started on my own healing journey.  Little did I know it would actually lead to a career in energy healing!

I've now been a healer for 13 years, helping people all over the world to heal their negative karmic patterns keeping them stuck in states of lack.  And then I thought, "everyone needs this!"  So I created this course so you can easily learn tips, tricks and techniques of self-healing in your Akashic Record without becoming a certified practitioner. When you learn to manage your energy, everything else in life just falls into place!

 "Patty gives me the tools I need to understand my choices and new action I can take to get me to the next level. If you're feeling stuck, you need this course!" 

Melissa M.
Editor and Yoga Instructor

 "As a fellow energy healer, I highly recommend her work for anyone looking for answers to "why is this happening?" and "how can I shift for the better?" 

Kelly K.
Intuitive Healer

 "After working with Patty, I am a totally different person.  I feel more empowered and more myself than ever before!

Cirke C.
Singer/Songwriter, Vocal Coach

Course Curriculum:

Each module includes a comprehensive printable workbook with exercises and journal prompts,
plus guided meditations and more to fast-track your healing!

Module 1:  Energy, Chakras and Karma

  • Understand the 7 chakras of the physical body and how to keep them aligned and balanced
  • How to shift from ego to soul perspective
  • Introduction to basic Universal Laws of energy and manifestation
  • Discover what Karma truly is, what it teaches you, and why it's important to embrace it in order to heal and manifest.

Module 2:  Akashic Records

  • Discover the one spiritual tool that holds all the information about you, your soul and your karma
  • Listen to an energetic attunement to balance your energy field and meet your Akashic Guide.
  • Learn how to access your Akashic Record for insight and guidance using my Akashic Journey meditation and pendulum dowsing techniques
  • Understand your life challenges and relationships from a spiritual perspective and how it to change your trajectory
  • How to ask for healing while in the Records, and actions you can take to support your healing and create lasting, positive change in your life

Module 3:  Mastering the Mental Body

  • Take control of chronic negative thoughts through reframing
  • Recognize the 5 faces of self-sabotage that negative self-talk creates and how to stop it once and for all
  • Ways to create an empowered mindset
  • Listen to a guided meditation infused with Reiki symbols, Light Language and DNA activations to heal and balance negative thought patterns

Module 4:  Mastering the Emotional Body

  • Heal emotional triggers by moving from reaction to response
  • Shadow work and reframing negative experiences 
  • Learn easy techniques to heal anxiety and triggers such as EFT
  • Using your dreams to enhance your healing
  • How to develop gratitude and self-worth
  • Listen to a guided meditation infused with Reiki symbols, Light Language and DNA activations, to release emotional trauma 

Module 5:  Mastering the Spiritual Body

  • Learn to connect with Spirit Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters
  • Ways to receive intuitive insight
  • How to identify and release yourself from Ancestral Karma, Karmic Contracts and Karmic Vows
  • How to repair soul fragmentation
  • Release yourself from psychic vampires, energy cords and astral parasites that are taking your energy and possibly making you sick
  • Listen to a guided meditation infused with Reiki symbols, Light Language and DNA activations, to release karma and heal the spirit

Module 6:  Mastering the Physical Body

  • Understand how your physical body reflects the wellness of the other three bodies
  • Discover how spiritual blocks create ailments, chronic conditions and disease within the physical body
  • Learn to identify and release yourself from psychic vampires, energy cords and astral parasites 
  • How to create strong boundaries with others in order to manage your energy
  • Listen to a guided meditation infused with Reiki symbols, Light Language and DNA activations, to release physical body attachments and build strong boundaries

This is a self-healing course for ANYONE who wants to be in energetic alignment
to feel happier, more empowered and to create joy and abundance!

You'll be supported by an online community to ask questions, receive inspiration
and make new connections and friendships!

It's time to start living your soul-powered life!

6 modules, 5 hours of teaching and meditations, comprehensive workbooks with exercises and spiritual practices, online community
Bonuses:  4 journals plus my Lemurian Healing course!

Here are some amazing bonuses:

Lemurian Healing Course!

Lemurian Healing is similar to Reiki, in that it uses symbols and universal energy  to bring healing when activated. It is very simple to learn and highly effective for self-healing.  You will learn about the peaceful, healing civilization of Lemuria, and be attuned to the frequency of the Lemurian symbols so you can use them immediately upon completing the course.

Value:  $350.00

4 Bonus Printable Journals!

In addition to the comprehensive workbooks for each module, you will also receive journals to help with goal setting, discovering messages in your dreams, developing gratitude and creating boundaries with others.

Value:  $150.00

FREE Online Community!

Connect and interact with your fellow spiritual friends as you learn, heal and grow!  I'll be there to answer your questions, and give you guidance and inspiration for your self-healing journey. 

Value:  $3,000+
"It's crazy how spot-on your work is, Patty!  I am loving my transformation.  I am happier, more present, and feeling really good.  I finally have self-love, and this is huge for me!  It is the best change of all!"
Sofie C.
"Patty, I want to thank you for being there for me!  I am deeply grateful for your work.  I feel so much better and I have more energy than I have in a long while.  I'm also officially down 10 pounds and loving it!"
Diane H. 
"I was in a dark night of soul; I was resoundingly stuck and could not see my way out of it.  Since this work, I have undergone a profound transformation that put me back on my path to happiness, gratitude and prosperity!"
Wendy B.

Massive Value for One Low Investment:

Pay in Full


Save $88.00!

  • Single-Payment discount!
  • Free access to the Soul-Powered Community
  • Immediate access to the Goal Setting Bonus Journal
  • Immediate access to Module 1 with a 3-day refund period**

5 monthly payments:


Per Month

  • 5 monthly payments, total $485.00
  • Free access to the Soul-Powered Community
  • Immediate access to the Goal Setting Bonus Journal
  • Immediate access to Module 1 with a 3-day refund period**

**  You will have immediate access to Module 1 with a 3-day refund period.  You will gain access to the remainder of the course and all other bonuses after the first 3 days.  No refund will be given after 3 days for any reason.
If you request a refund, you will lose access to the "Live a Soul-Powered Life" online course, the Soul-Powered community, the Lemurian Healing Course and all  bonus journals except the Goal Setting Journal.

Here's Everything You Get!

  1. Over 5 hours of spiritual teaching and guided meditations:   Value:  $1,800.0
  2. Comprehensive workbook for each module totaling 160 pages:  Value:  $1,000.00
  3. Four Bonus printable journals:  Value $150.00
  4. Free Community access with me as your guide:  Value: $3,000.00+
  5. Lemurian Healing Course:  $350.00

Total Value:  $6,300.00!
Your Investment:  $397.00 pay in full or $97 per month on a 5-month payment plan


Once you pay in full for the course, you have access to the course and materials for as long as I keep the course active.  You'll benefit from any updates and revisions I make or any new material I might add to the course.

Not at all!  You learn at your own pace, which will be different for everyone.  You might want to repeat a module a few times depending on what it is you are trying to heal,  or you can come back to exercises and techniques in the future anytime you need. You also have free access to the online community for as long as you like or until I change the parameters of the community.

No, the Soul-Powered Community is strictly to support the students of "Live a Soul-Powered Life." 

No.  This is not a certification-level program.  This course is designed to teach you simple energy-healing techniques and methods that you can apply to yourself and your own healing needs.  You will not learn how to heal others in this program.

In order to manifest the life you want, you must first heal negative patterns, which is the intention of this course.  This will then lay the foundation for more empowered manifesting!

No.  It would be impossible to guarantee results of any kind, as the course is completely self-driven.  It will be up to you and how well you apply the methods and techniques in the course as to the results you will be able to achieve for yourself.  Please see the Terms of Service.

Yes, there is a 3-day refund period, whether you pay in full or on the payment plan.  You will have immediate access to Module 1 and the Goal Setting Bonus Journal, and will have 3 days from the date of purchase to decide if you would like to continue.  After 3 days you will receive full access to the entire course and community, as well as the remaining bonuses, and no refund will be given for any reason after this time.  If you request a refund, you will lose access to the "Live a Soul-Powered Life" online course, the Soul-Powered Community and all bonuses except the Goal Setting Bonus Journal.