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Patty Oliver featured in the media

Best Holistic Life Magazine Monthly Column:

Patty is now a featured monthly columnist for Best Holistic Life Magazine.  Her column focuses on spiritual growth, energy healing, manifesting and how to live an abundant life by learning to manage your energy body through Akashic Records.

Her article for February 2024 discusses how you can improve your relationships and your manifesting with this one energetic shift.  You can read the article here.

You can read all of Patty's articles for Best Holistic Life Magazine by visiting her author page.

Brainz Magazine Feature Articles:

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise. 

Read exclusive articles from Patty Oliver and other influential leaders, top entrepreneurs, expert coaches and industry leaders within the topics of mindset, business, leadership and lifestyle.

Read Patty's latest article in Brainz,
"How to Heal, Transform and Manifest
with Akashic Records."

Read all of Patty's articles in Brainz here.

Authority Magazine Feature Articles

Authority Magazine, a Medium publication, is devoted to sharing in-depth, and interesting interviews, featuring people who are authorities 
in Business, Pop Culture, Wellness, 
Social Impact, and Tech.

Read exclusive interviews with Patty as she discusses spiritual wellness through Akashic Records and Energy Healing:

"How to Recover from Being a People Pleaser"

How to Optimize Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Wellbeing."

"How I reinvented myself in the second chapter of my life."

Other Feature Articles:

Guest Podcast Interviews:

Podcast interview coming soon!
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