i created this healing bundle especially
for you!

step 1

create peace

Whether you're brand new to meditating or already have an established practice, the cards and meditation are a quick and easy way to bring balance and calm anytime, day or night, no matter where you are.

step 2


Creating sacred space for yourself by reciting affirmations and listening to the meditation, helps to reduce the noise of your daily life so you can start to do the deep inner work of listening to your intuition!

step 3


You are not alone!  You have a team of spirit guides who are excited to connect with you, but you must first invite them in with your free-will choice to receive their guidance during your meditation.

step 4


Transformation starts from within, and is reflected in your outer world.  As you open to your spirituality, you've begun the journey of releasing what no longer serves you and manifesting the life of your dreams!

Listening to guided meditations was actually the first step I took over 15 years ago when I wanted to change my life!  I had no idea how where to start, but I instinctively knew that I had to stop listening to everyone else around me.

It was then that I realized I had an inner voice and wisdom that I never really paid attention to.  As I created more time and space for myself, I started receiving more insight....more "a-ha" moments as I followed my intuition.  It just grew from there. Now all these years later, I've had the honor of healing hundreds of people all over the world!  I want to to know just how powerful you are, and the best way to start is to find ways to align with your soul and your inner guidance.  I hope you find this gift helpful and inspirational!

"Working with Patty is such an amazing experience!  I now know what has been holding me back, and I feel such freedom now!" - Maria R.

"I had been dealing with anxiety for years.  Patty's Akashic work has been the only "therapy" that has truly worked for me!" - Anne M.

"Before working with Patty, I was just really stuck in my life.  Her insight is sso incredibly helpful, I can't recommend her highly enough!" - Sue H.