Use Your Akashic Record to Dramatically Improve Your Life!

Every soul has its own Akashic Record, which exists at the 5th dimension. Think of it as a vast database of information specifically about YOU. Your personal Akashic Record holds all the information about how your soul was created from Source. When you learn to access your Akashic Record, you open the door to a wealth of powerful spiritual knowledge about yourself and how you can overcome issues and challenges you are facing. How? First, you must understand some of the "rules" of living here in the 3rd dimension:

  • We are 100% responsible for our choices at all times. While others may influence us, the final decision is always ours through our free will.
  • We are 100% responsible for creating our experiences through our free-will choices, whether we are conscious of them or not. ​
  • Choices are either positive (serves our higher good) or negative (does not serve our higher good). Terms like "good" or "bad" are human terms; there is no judgement in the spiritual realm of the Akashic Records. ​
  • Every choice has a consequence. Our circumstances are always the manifestation of a consequence of a choice we made, positive or negative.
  • If the choice we made was negative (did not serve us and our higher good) it creates karma, which holds the energy of the negative choice. That energy becomes lodged in one or more of our chakras and our subtle body energy system, causing us to attract similar circumstances.
  • The law of karma says that the energy of a choice will persist until a positive choice is made to balance it out.
  • Karma is not wiped out by the death process. Therefore, if a negative choice was not balanced out in the lifetime it was created, you will continue to reincarnate with similar circumstances until you make a new empowered choice. For many people, this unfortunately can take hundreds of lifetimes.
  • Karma usually shows itself as the repeating life challenges we have that never seem to leave us, such as relationship drama or abuse, financial woes, health problems or inability to manifest abundance of any kind.
  • Karma can also run in family lines (often referred to as ancestral karma). Your soul could be born into a family line that continues to uphold specific negative patterns so that you can choose to overcome them in this current lifetime.

Your Akashic Record is an inherent part of you; it's within your DNA and your energy field, and you can learn to access it for insight, guidance, healing and manifesting!  I teach you how in my online course "Live a Soul-Powered Life!"

It's through your Akashic Record that you learn about your soul gifts, the life lessons your soul is set to experience for this lifetime, and all the choices you've made in previous lives up to this point, as it is your choices that have brought you to where you are today. It's here that you can understand the negative choices that have led you to less-than-desired results you may want to "delete" from your life, and understand new actions you can take to balance out that negative karma moving forward. It sounds simple enough...but we humans are creatures of habit. We are very slow to make change. But having first-hand knowledge of how your negative circumstances came to be is incredibly empowering because you will KNOW...You will know how it was created and what exactly you need to do to change it once and for all. It eliminates the guesswork, getting you to a desired result faster and easier than you could on your own.

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