Transformation is Key to Ascension

Rebirth and Renewal are gifts of the third dimension. When you choose to become a higher expression of yourself, you undergo a process of renewal...

“Why are we here? What’s the purpose of life, since there is so much hardship and difficulty in the world?” I’m asked this question often in my healing practice. My answer is “Transformation.” Earth is a life school in which you will always be faced with an opportunity to uplevel - or raise your vibration - as us spiritual gurus like to phrase it (insert smiley face!)

Yes, opportunity. When you are able to look at your life challenges as opportunities for change rather than things to endure, you will make a paradigm shift in your soul evolution.

What you may not know is that the third dimension in which we reside here on Earth, is unlike any other dimension. It’s the physical realm, and has its own set of universal laws, one of which is the Law of Polarity. This means opposition exists here: for every positive, there is a negative. If there is light, there will be dark. If there is calm, there will also be chaos. This makes the perfect learning school for the soul to experience itself and the result of free-will choices made during its physical incarnations.

This article, written by Patty Oliver, was published in the April 2023 issue of Sovereign Magazine.  To finish reading this article, use this link to subscribe to Sovereign, the magazine for empowering women and female entrepreneurs!

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