Transform Your Life by Speaking Your Truth

Learning to speak your truth is key to creating the life you want, with joy and abundance!

Speaking your truth rarely comes naturally, especially if you were raised in a family where you were encouraged to be agreeable and to not speak your mind. So, the idea of speaking your truth might leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed, open to criticism and ridicule, which is why so many people avoid speaking their truth. It brings up a lot of fear; a perceived risk that you might lose someone or a something if you dare to share your true thoughts and feelings on a subject or situation.

The first step is to bring awareness to the fact that you may be hiding your truth, because once you bring awareness to something, you can finally begin to work with it. Examples of hiding your truth might include the following:

  • I say certain things to be liked or accepted by others
  • I avoid saying certain things to keep the peace
  • It’s simply easier to agree than disagree
  • I often say “yes” when I would rather say “no”
  • I prefer to tell a little white lie to make someone feel better
  • I don’t want to seem different or extreme, so I keep my perspectives to myself
  • I often think of many things I wish I had said during a conversation or argument after the fact
  • I feel I must live by someone else’s rules, and then become angry and frustrated about it

This article, written by Patty Oliver, was published in Sovereign Magazine in February 2023.  To finish reading this article, please use this link to subscribe to Sovereign Magazine, the publication for women and female entrepreneurs!

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