Get Unstuck with Imperfect Action

As a spiritual healer, I often work with want-to-be-entrepreneurs. One of the biggest issues they all have in common is failure to launch

By that, I mean they spend an awful lot of time pushing paper around on their desk, doing endless research, feeling overwhelmed by all their options, or daydreaming about starting their business “someday.” Years end up going by and they never start. 

Why is this? They are either waiting for the perfect time to start, waiting for self-doubt to pass, or waiting for the perfect idea to drop into their lap, or all the above! Until then, they remain stuck. Here is the reality of launching a business:

This article, written by Patty Oliver, was published in the June 2023 issue of Sovereign Magazine.  To finish reading this article, use this link to subscribe to Sovereign, the online magazine for empowering women and female entrepreneurs!

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