Being Vulnerable Will Improve Your Manifesting

No one likes to feel vulnerable. It connotes risk. But we all must go there if we want to truly experience what it means to be human...

According to spirit, emotions are very much a human attribute (and it’s my personal belief that all living beings experience emotion). They also are one of the main reasons why a soul would choose to incarnate here on the Earth plane. You see, spirit only knows love; it is devoid of judgement and the desire to be otherwise. Whereas on Earth, that desire to choose has been given to us as a way for us to grow and experience the results of our choices. 

That’s why it’s such a gift – a privilege actually – for a soul to incarnate, in order to experience joy, triumph and ecstasy, as well as grief, anger, pain and everything in between. And there are many more souls that want to incarnate than there are opportunities.

This article, written by Patty Oliver, was published in the May 2023 issue of Sovereign Magazine.  To finish reading this article, use this link to subscribe to Sovereign, the online magazine for empowering women and female entrepreneurs!

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