Are you ready to take back your power and use your soul gifts to create the life you've always wanted?

Then you're in the right place!  Welcome to

"Live A Soul-Powered Life Accelerator!"

a unique energy healing experience that will transform and uplevel you in ways you never thought possible...faster and easier than you could on your own.

Today is the day...

Your time to shine is NOW!

You've always put yourself last.  "Someday" you say...  

Well my friend, there are 7 days in the week, and "Someday" isn't one of them!  It's time to put yourself first, because no one else will.  Otherwise, "someday" turns into months, then years. 


I've been there.  Trust me when I say that there won't ever be a "perfect time" in your life to do this healing work...There will always be somewhere you need to be, someone you need to tend to, something that will need your attention.  I can tell you with 100% certainty that nothing needs your attention more than your own happiness and fulfillment, because then everything else falls into place with more ease and grace than you thought possible.  Why put that off??


Give me just 4 short months, and I'll shift your energy fields, balance your chakras, clear negative patterns.

and perform activations and healings so you can do the following:


Be seen.  Be heard.  And feel confident and safe in your own skin while doing it!  Replace anxiety and nervous habits with feeling safe, connected and grounded. 



You'll love yourself enough to know your worth and uphold strong boundaries.  Strengthen existing relationships and create new ones that support your empowerment.



Learn what aligned action is based on your soul gifts.  Once you know this, you can open positive flow in all life areas, from relationships to money and even your health.


Discover your soul's unique formula for creation, which can make manifesting your desired results both effortless and repeatable.

"Ever since I started working with Patty, money has been appearing from all kinds of places!  I'm now debt free and have plenty of money in savings, something I've never been able to do! I also stopped looking at myself so critically and started loving what I see in the mirror - this is significant for me! I'm now seeing positive things happening in my career. Thank you, Patty, for your gift of healing!"

Jessica Lynne Witty

Country Music Artist

"Patty has helped me tremendously!  She is such a warm, appreciative person.  Before working with her, I felt stuck, overwhelmed and powerless.  I struggled for years in therapy with issues around self-doubt and making good decisions for myself and my children.  I also had many relationship challenges.  She helped me clear all of this in less than one year! "

Jeanette Papso

Therapist and Soul Realignment® Student

Your Soul-Powered Accelerator Program  will be tailored specifically to you.  How?

By using something called your Akashic Record.

You see, Source WANTS you to be joyful and abundant!  Your soul has been given a unique design for creation while incarnated here in the 3rd dimension.  I will access your Akashic Record and - with the help of your Spirit Guides - I will channel your soul information to help you understand EXACTLY why you're here, what you came here to work on and how to create your abundance. Here are just a few things you'll leaern during your Soul Guidance Sessions:

  • Discover your soul gifts, strengths and attributes.

    You are unique - there are no two souls exactly alike!  Hear about the gifts that have been bestowed upon your soul, for you to use to create your abundance while you're here.  I will detail your soul-level gifts and the energies your soul is comprised of.

  • Learn your life lessons for this lifetime.

    Nothing is random.  Everything happens for a reason - it's designed to clear karma, raise your vibration and take you to your highest potential in this lifetime.  All of this is planned before you incarnate - and dictates your life experiences.  

  • Understand the karmic patterns to be cleared.

    Karma is the stored energy of choices we made in previous lives that did not serve our soul growth, causing us to attract similar circumstances lifetime after lifetime until balanced out by new empowered choice.  I will detail your past lives and the karmic choices you made that are still showing up for you today, and energetically clear them, giving you a unique opportunity to take your life in an entirely new direction!

  • Relationship challenges will be revealed.

    Whether it's family, friends, co-workers, clients, romantic partners or our children, it's the relationships in our lives and how we interact that create most of our karmic patterns, all of which will be cleared, putting you on a path to more joyful relationships!

  • Gain clarity on your life circumstances.

    You may be wondering why you were born into a certain family, why money never seems to come your way, or why you have the life challenges you feel you've been dealt.   All will be revealed, giving you an opportunity to rise above it and create abundance.

  • Unleash your unique design for manifesting.

    Just as there are no two souls that are alike, neither is your process for manifesting!  Each of us is designed to use our energies for our highest good, and to draw our desired results into our space.  If you have trouble manifesting, it's probably because you have karma that needs clearing, and then you need to understand your soul's method of creation, which I will share with you.


Steps to ignite your unique Soul Power:

All based on your soul's Akashic Record, to deliver a tailored-made program just for you!

  • Soul Guidance Session #1

    Hear all about your soul-level gifts, your soul's desired self-expression for this lifetime, and the biggest karmic patterns in need of clearing, including contracts and vows still in play today.

  • Healing Module #1

    How to master your thoughts and overhaul your belief system.  Includes healing meditations, chakra and aura clearing, Reiki and DNA activations.

  • Soul Guidance Session #2

    Relationship karma will be revealed and cleared,  including your parents, siblings, spouse or romantic partners and children.

  • Healing Module #2

    Healing emotional trauma and triggers, including shadow work and archetypal repatterning.  Subtle body tuning and balancing, Reiki and DNA activations.

  • Soul Guidance Session #3

    More relationship karma not covered in previous sessions,  including business relationships if applicable.  If you are an entrepreneur, I can clear negative energy in your business as well.

  • Healing Module #3

    Ancestral and genetic karma, working with Ascended Masters, Archangels and Sacred Geometry.  Activating higher-dimensional

    chakras and kundalini energy.

  • Soul Guidance Session #4

    Your unique design for manifesting abundance, future projections and more!  We can also discuss changes to make in your business if that applies.

  • Healing Module #4

    Cutting energy cords, astral parasites and psychic vampires.  Reiki and healing meditations to release fear, anger and anxiety.  Resetting the Vagus Nerve.  DNA Activations.

"I designed this program using the exact methods and techniques that I used on myself for my own healing journey and transformation.  I recovered from breast cancer, I have a thriving business earning more money than I ever thought possible, and I've manifested a beautiful home and boundless opportunities.  I've done the same for others, and I know I can do the same for you!"

Patty Oliver, Energy Healer, Author and Spiritual Advisor

I'm so grateful for Patty's work, and how powerful it is.  The change I experienced was phenomenal!

- Tracy M. of Oregon

Patty's healing has altered the course of my life!  She helped me shift into a new career, an entirely new line of work that I never thought I could do.  I now have a clear path to living the life I've always wanted!

- Lara D. of Denmark

I feel I have undergone a profound transformation that put me back on my path not only to myself, but to happiness, gratitude and prosperity.

- Wendy B. of Montana

The day after our first session, my constant migraine headaches disappeared and have never come back!  I can now pull back on all the medical treatments I've been undergoing.  I can't thank you enough!

- Katy of Oregon

The healing sessions I've had with Patty have been so incredibly helpful!  I am honored to call her my spiritual guide and healer.  I look forward to our future sessions!

- Anna S. of Florida

Patty's readings were DEAD ON.  The direct impact of her work on my life is undeniable. I once again feel vibrant and joyful! 

- Morgan C. of California

Patty is a true healer.  Her readings have given me so much clarity on why things have happened in my lif.  I now feel happier, more empowered, centered and content than I have in years! 

- Judy D. of Washington

Since working with Patty, opportunities are showing up everywhere, business is suddenly fantastic, and my husband and I are more of a team! 

- Elizabeth of Denmark

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"Your Akashic Record holds the key to

understanding your life circumstances,

releasing karma and living with joy

and abundance!"


- Patty Oliver

   Energy Healer, Author and Spiritual Advisor

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