Client Testimonials


"Working with Patty has given me clarity on who I am and what kind of experience I am here to have. I have a tremendous sense of purpose now, along with a feeling of living in a flow I wasn't able to create before. I have a deep sense of knowing myself, and how my soul goes about manifesting."


 - Jessica Lynne Witty, country artist


“Patty is amazing!  I went into our session hoping for clarity on my current situation and how to get “unstuck,” and came away with understanding of SO much more!  Patty explained everything to me and made it easy to relate to as well as gave me tools to take action after the clearing.  I highly recommend working with Patty!”



– Melissa M.

"Soul Realignment has changed my life in so many ways, both personally and in my business!


Initially when I enrolled in the course, it was to offer it as an additional service to my clients. What really amazed me as I progressed through Soul Realignment was watching what changed within me personally! Finding out who I was at soul level allowed me to change my relationship with myself, with others, how I looked at things in my daily life. This course helped me change my mindset, which in turn has helped me grow my business. It's gratifying for me to see my clients evolve and grow into their full potential by knowing who they are at soul level and making changes in their lives. Soul Realignment has been incredibly gratifying and fulfilling for me."



- Patti Stevens,

“Soul Realignment has been the most valuable experience in my life so far.


Not only has it helped me to know and understand myself at soul level, it has improved my business and career by being able to offer this service to others. It has also helped my whole family and circle of friends connect and understand each other on a deeper level, increasing our awareness and understanding of ourselves and each other, creating a beautiful sense of family and community.”


- Wendy-Louise Jones

"I appreciate Patty's unique way of supervision.


She is present and available, has an easy way to schedule contact with her regarding supervision, and she intentionally brings in who she knows you are to tailor our conversations in how to best do the work for clients.  She makes herself fully available. Patty cares authentically and she likes to laugh! Which to me is important in this work." 


- Mary-Bear Rittenmeyer


"I was at the lowest point in my life, trying to handle multiple physical illnesses that had progressed over time, as well as additional emotional, spiritual and relationship issues.  I was progressively getting more ill.  I was losing the battle with dragging myself physically and mentally through each day.  I literally thought I was dying. 


I was continually being misdiagnosed by doctors of mainstream western medicine.  Everything they tried, made me feel worse.  I was in an unhelpful treatment for months before I met Patty.  Had I not met Patty Oliver in mid 2018, I am convinced I wouldn’t be here today.   


After my very first session, Personal Akashic Recording Reading and clearing, where Patty shared who I am at soul level and my life lessons, so much became clear.  I awoke the next day to an unbelievably dramatic and positive change in my life.  A door had been opened to a new life.  Much of my physical pain, including daily migraines had vanished.  I felt energy that I had not felt in many years.  My husband immediately saw the difference in my face and my eyes.  I will never forget him saying “Wow.  There you are.  There’s Katy.”  I was pleasant, joyful, and hopeful again for the first time in a very long time.  The anxiety and depression I had felt had been replaced with calmness and serenity.


I’ve continued to work with Patty regularly over the past 3 years.  Patty has been invaluable to me as an expert in each of the modes she uses to spiritually heal.  Much of my experience is beyond words.  I always say, the world would be a much better place if everyone had the opportunity and wisdom to choose to work with Patty.  I have two family members who have also worked with Patty, and feel the same way.  My experience is truly beyond what a person could believe unless you work with her yourself to see what she can do for you!



- Katy Morrow, Oregon


"Patty is spot on. Simply just spot on.


She is very dedicated to her work - hence her sessions in my experience are always done assiduously. I have felt her clearings and readings on many levels. It´s now much easier for me to stand strong in myself. To communicate with confidence and take action on whatever feels like my next step in life. I feel more safe, secure, healthy and connected."

- Pia, Denmark

Patty has incredible skill in the Akashic Records, offering not only information but deep-level healing in her sessions.


She'll detail your soul blueprint, your challenges and strengths with real relevance into how they are affecting your life right now. The insights she gave me confirmed much of what I intuitively felt to be true, and provided great understanding into why certain things are happening in my world, especially in regards to relationships. As a fellow energy healer and coach, I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for answers about "why is this happening to me?" and "how can I shift for the better?" Patty will help you shift your life in ways you can't even imagine yet!




- Kelly Kay, Intuitive Channel, Healing Facilitator and Coach

You MUST do this!​


If you’re not sure whether to do this work or not, I promise you it will be the most rewarding work you have done. I guarantee it! We all have lessons to learn and karma that we bring in from previous lives. Patty’s work is nothing short of miraculous in helping you clear your unconscious blocks. It’s like she is inside your head and just gets what you have probably never told another soul. Both my husband and I are on this journey together and life keeps getting better and better thanks to Patty’s help. Dive in - you won’t regret it! You only get one life time that you remember so why not make it the best yet!

- Kitty Waters, Transformational Teacher of Do your Dharma

Patty's readings have changed my life!


I truly believe she has opened me up to be my most authentic self. Patty has answered questions that I thought I would never find answers to and has shown me a better perspective on why I make certain choices and why I have been compelled to respond the way I do in situations. I have never felt better physically or mentally since my Akashic Readings with her. I highly recommend that you experience the truth that Patty can bring to your life.



- Nic,  from  Utah


"Your Akashic Record holds the key to

understanding your life circumstances,

releasing karma and living with joy

and abundance!"


- Patty Oliver


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