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Private Sessions:
Individual Spiritual Guidance and Healing


Private Sessions are only for those who want to uplevel FAST.

This work is not for the faint of heart!  Changing your negative life patterns is never requires being brutally honest with yourself and a willingness to take new action that - most likely - you've never taken before. It requires a deep desire for change, and the courage to release what no longer serves you.  I will guide you through the entire process, and do all the spiritual investigating for you!

During each session I will access your Akashic Record (your personal 5th-dimensional database) and communicate with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides to access your detailed soul-level information. Your Guides will show me exactly what you need to heal and in what order, and I will then conduct clearing, chakra balancing and activations in your energy field to help bring that healing into your space swiftly. This will allow you to make new choices to clear negative patterns, taking your life in an entirely new direction.  Here are just a few things you can expect:


Discover your soul gifts, strengths and attributes.

You are unique - there are no two souls exactly alike!  Hear about the gifts that have been bestowed upon your soul for you to use to create your abundance while you're here in the physical realm - and how you could potentially be using your gifts against yourself.


Hear about your life lessons for this lifetime.

Nothing is random.  Everything happens for a reason, which is to clear karma, raise your vibration and advance you to your highest potential in this lifetime.  All of this is planned before you incarnate, usually in the form of life lessons that your soul is set to experience. 


Gain clarity on your life circumstances.

You may be wondering why you were born into a certain family, why money never seems to flow your way, or why you have the life or health challenges you feel you've been dealt.  All will be revealed, giving you an opportunity to rise above it and create abundance!


Relationship challenges will be explained.

Whether it's family, friends, co-workers, romantic partners or our children, its the relationships in our lives and how we interact with others that create most of our karmic patterns - all of which can be cleared, putting you on the path to more joyful relationships!


Understand your karma and have it cleared.

Karma is the stored energy of choices you made in previous lives that did not serve your soul growth.  It causes you to attract similar circumstances lifetime after lifetime until balanced out by new choice.  I will detail all of your past-life karma still affecting you today and clear it, giving you a clean slate to take your life in a new direction.


Get answers and insight directly from your Guides.

I will channel your Spirit Guides during each session, and you can ask direct questions to them anytime to receive insight on why certain things are happening in your life, and gain clarity on action you can take that will keep you in vibrational alignment to your highest potential.

Mel Montes, Florida

Cirke Cherokee, Washington

Jessica Lynne Witty, Washington

All sessions are conducted over Zoom from anywhere in the world!  When booking a session, please select your time zone
on the calendar