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it's always been in the palm of your hand.

Now is the time to call it into your reality

through the focused, purposeful action of conscious manifesting.  I'll show you how...

A lot of people are subconsciously creating mixed results - or no results at all - in their lives.  This keeps them feeling stuck, like they'll never reach their desired outcome. Why?  Because they haven't fully embraced the energy of the outcome they desire in all areas of their life.  They are unaware that if they habitually give away their power in one area of their life, it will make it impossible to manifest what they want in another part of their life:

  • You can't manifest abundance if you continually "do" lack.
  • You can't manifest freedom if you continually "do" obligation.
  • You can't manifest true love if you continually "need" approval.


You must become that which you seek, and do so in all areas of your life: from your career, family and romantic relationships to your finances, health and well-being. It starts by clearing negative karmic patterns in your Akashic Record and understanding what soul-aligned choices are for you first, which is why I have you begin with Private Sessions.  Afterward, you can embark on manifesting in a truly unencumbered way, and the universe will send you a vibrational match of people, situations and circumstances. This is the law of attraction!  My Conscious Creation Program will teach you how to do conscious manifesting based on your unique soul blueprint, which I define as:


Focused, purposeful soul-aligned action,

resonating to a specific frequency,

that continually attracts your desired outcome.

The Conscious Creation Program
Through spirit guide consultation and your soul blueprint

Step 1:

Craft Your Intended Creation.

 I'll call in your Akashic Guides who will help craft an intention that aligns to you at soul level.  I'll channel future projections and timelines based on your unique soul manifesting blueprint.

Step 2:

Plan Your


Next, your Akashic Guides will show you how to leverage your soul's design for manifesting in every life area.  You'll learn what you need to shift in your life to keep you on a positive outcome trajectory.  

Step 3:

Prioritize Your


You may have lots of ideas on how to get where you want to go.  Your Akashic Guides will show you which actions are worth pursuing and which ones aren't, so you are consciously choosing a path toward your desired outcome.

Step 4:

Follow Your Roadmap.

We'll meet regularly to tweak your action plan and conduct healing to keep you in energetic balance.  You'll come away with a working plan that you can implement to continually attract your desired outcome.

Lara D. of Denmark:

"Patty's work has altered the course of my life.  Her manifesting program helped me shift into a new career doing the type of work I always wanted but never thought I could.  I now have a clear path toward living the life I truly want!"

Yes, you are worthy and deserving of creating the life of your dreams!

I know firsthand what it's like to feel unworthy; like what you simply don't deserve the life you seek.  I've been there and I know exactly how you feel.  Many years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Before that I experienced the death of a spouse at a young age.  I thought the world was against me, and I didn't think I was ever going to heal, emotionally or physically.  But once I understood that the only person in this world who would help me feel worthy was myself, that's when I jumped into action!  

The journey of re-empowering myself led to a career in energy healing, something I never planned on.  But you see, the universe knew what I needed!  It showed me every step of the way what I needed to do to heal and create abundance; I just had to trust enough to follow the path.

In my Conscious Creation Program, I will teach you everything you need to do to follow a similar path to your own life of joy and fulfillment, using your soul's Akashic Record, manifesting blueprint and energy healing to keep you in balance along the way!

Patty Oliver, Energy Healer, Author, Spiritual Advisor
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