Akashic Records  & Energy Healing Courses

Live a Soul-Powered Life:  Healing through Akashic Records

"I'm so thankful that Patty created this course!"
"It was really cool to meet my Akashic Guides!"  
"Her meditations are wonderful."

Anyone can learn to access their own Akashic Record for insight, guidance and healing!  It's a powerful resource for all of your soul-level information including your soul gifts, your chosen life experiences and your karma.  Here's what you'll learn:
* Meet your Akashic Guides and Access your Akashic Record
* How to phrase questions and interpret answers while in the Records
* Release yourself from karmic contracts and vows, heal Ancestral Karma and repair soul fragmentation
* How to cut energy cords and psychic vampires
* Mental & Emotional repatterning techniques
* Guided Meditations, Activations and Attunements
* Comprehensive workbooks, bonus journals and a supportive online community
* Certificate of Completion

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Lemurian Healing

"Patty is a sincere soul with many healing abilities."
"Patty is honestly one of the best teachers!"
"I appreciate your energy, it made my learning fun!"

Learn the art of Lemurian Healing, a beautiful healing modality of the ancient Lemurians.  It is powerful on its own, or add it to your existing healing protocols.  Here's what you'll learn:
*The history of Lemuria and its ties to the ascension of humanity and the planet
* The Pleiadian connection to Lemuria as our "spiritual parents"
* How Lemurian spirituality set the magnetic grid and the Akashic Record of the planet, and its ties to the Mayan Calendar ending on December 21, 2012
*The Lemurian Healing symbols and chants, and how to use them in your healing sessions
* Receive an energetic attunement to the Lemurian symbols
* At the end of the course you can download a certificate recognizing you as a Certified Lemurian Healer

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Beyond Law of Attraction: Karma & Universal Law

"I absolutely love this course!"
"So clearly stated and explained!"
"It's beautifully presented - I highly recommend it!"

Do you struggle with manifesting?  Maybe you've heard of the Law of Attraction - even gave it a try - but didn't receive the results you were hoping for?  There's a reason!  It's called Karma, and it plays a pivotal role in your life and your ability to manifest.  This is a course for anyone who wants to expand their spiritual knowledge and learn about the cosmic forces at work that affect your life and how to leverage them!  Here's what you'll learn:
* The true nature of karma and what it teaches you
* Learn all 12 universal laws (not just the Law of Attraction!) AND the 12 Laws of Karma
* Download a workbook with mantras and journal prompts to help you integrate each law into your life and your manifesting process
* This course is on Udemy, an online educational platform.  They manage pricing and promotions throughout the year.

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