The Akashic Truth Oracle
Card Deck

This beautiful spiritual deck has been created to help you understand your energy blocks in different life areas, and new choices you can make to release karma and manifest abundance!  This deck includes:

- 6 Life Area Cards
- 47 Action Cards
- 10 Description & Card Draw Suggestion Cards
- A secret URL to download a FREE workbook to use with your card deck!

Connect to your Akashic Record
and discover your soul's truth!

Your Akashic Record is the record of your soul, and holds all the information about your soul gifts, chosen life experiences, and karma you are still repeating in this lifetime, causing you to attract unwanted experiences and roadblocks.  This makes your Akashic Record the primary source of your soul's truth, which can sometimes feel hidden due to negative thoughts, emotional triggers, childhood conditioning, trauma, etc.

 If you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed and unsure of the reasons why, the Akashic Truth Oracle can give you objective spiritual insight into the choices you're making in different life areas that are creating the blocks, and next steps you could take to manifest more joy and abundance. As you use your deck, you will develop your intuition and strengthen the connection with your Akashic Guides and to your own Akashic Record.  

I've also created a downloadable workbook for you to use with your card deck.  It's FREE, and you'll find details inside your new deck!

What customers are saying about the deck:

★★★★★ "So aligned and in tune with my energy. Each time I pull a card it’s reassurance of where I am at or where I’m going. Even my daughter pulled a card and said it aligned beautifully with what she’s dealing with in school. She asks to pull one every day now too!"  - larrysfishinggirl via Etsy

★★★★★ "These oracle cards are fantastic! The artwork is gorgeous! I love that each card has the meaning for interpretation written right on the card! It makes it so much easier for a novice to get comfortable reading them! The life area cards are great to focus on a particular area that needs attention at the moment! I found the dowloadable workbook super helpful to get started! I'm very happy with everything about these cards!!"
- Nicole C. via Etsy