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Meet Patty

Energy Healer, Author and Spiritual Advisor

You could call me a change-maker...a wayshower.  I teach people about their energy field and how they can change their entire life by learning to clear energy blocks and take back their power.  Then, law of attraction takes over, allowing a flow of abundance they never had before, such as more money, better health, balanced relationships - however you choose to define your "abundance!" Once you raise your vibration and embrace your personal power, it simply cannot be any other way - abundance MUST flow.  This is universal law. 


I've been blessed with the gift of Divine Communication and Intuitive Energy Healing, and for the past 12 years I've had the honor of helping hundreds of people around the world to change their lives for the better.  


I've mentored and trained in the following fields:

  • Akashic Records (past lives, karma, soul gifts)

  • Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki (Source energy for healing)

  • Channeling - specifically your Higher Self and your Spirit Guide team, in order to gain objective, soul-level information as to your life circumstances and how to change them).



Kate W, England

"Patty's work is nothing short of miraculous in helping you clear your unconscious blocks.  It's like she's inside your head and just gets what you have probably never told another soul.  Life just keeps getting better thanks to her help.  Dive in - you won't regret it!"

Nic C, Utah

"Working with Patty has opened me to my most authentic self.  I have never felt better, physcially or mentally, since my sessions with her.  I highly recommend you experience the truth that Patty can bring to your life!."

Katy M, Oregon

"After our first session my constant migraine headaches stopped and have never come back!  I can now reduce medical treatments for my other health issues and I'm feeling GOOD again and my relationship with my husband has improved. I'm grateful every day for having found Patty!"

Anne M., Denmark

"I had anxiety for years and tried many different therapies.  Patty's Akashic work has removed all the heavy energies I was feeling, and every day since then is a new realization and release of difficult issues for me.  Hers is the only therapy that has made such a positive difference for me!"

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